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I have forever been interested in art, communication and helping others. I was fortunate enough to build a career from these three things. I started working as a creative for a small department store, laying out ads, illustrating ads, and taking photos of products/models for ads.

As my career grew, technology became more readily available and computers became a part of my everyday life. I knew I wanted to use the technology, and found that it was a great compliment to art, design and communication via the internet. I went back to school, and met a great counselor who convinced me that learning digital design, visual communication and some programming would be a great combination for continuing my career. I took his advice and received my bachelors degree in Visual Communications a couple of years later.

Now, I spend my time designing, building user interfaces, creating user experiences, and basically problem solving for my clients. I love to work with clients and stakeholders and hear their thoughts and ideas. I love it even more when I present them with a design and they say 'That is exactly what I had in mind'. You can't always do that, but, if you listen real close, take good notes, and start simple, you have a great shot at solving their design problems. Feedback is important, but, what I like even more, is no feedback, I can't remember where I heard it, but, I once heard someone say 'you never hear anyone complain about airconditioning that is working perfectly'. That is how I want my design to come across, it works, it is intuitive, and the users don't have to think too much to use it.

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Bachelor Of Fine Arts - Visual Communication, Shawnee State, Portsmouth, Ohio


Associate of Arts - English Literature, Shawnee State, Portsmouth, Ohio

Basic AA with concentration in English Literature and Art Studies.

Macromedia - Site of the Day

Edutainment interactive site to teach customers how a new software product will work and help their enterprise. Take a look.

“UX/UI Design and User Interation on a large scale"

Building and maintaining Web Based training and maintenance and design of user interfaces for the Learning Management System.



2009 - Now

UX/UI Designer, Interactive Designer, 508 Compliance Officer @Consultant Large scale web application UX/UI and creating new Learning Management Systems.

2007 - 2009

Creative Director, UX/UI Designer @AirScan, Inc.

Everything from building corporate sites to maintaining our networks.
2004 - 2007

Creative Director, Web Developer, UX/UI Designer @AgCert, Inc.

Web Development, Print Design, and brand development.
2002 - 2004

Web Designer, UX/UI Designer @Aluria Software, Inc.

Software interface design and user experience testing and design.
2001 - 2002

Web Designer/Developer @AirScan, Inc.

Plenty of web design/development on a corporate scale.



Scott Powers
Visual Communications Consultant

Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications specializing in UX/UI Design and Web Based Training. Seventeen plus years experience in design, fifteen years experience in instructional design and UX/UI development/design. Eight years experience in management and leadership positions. Seven years experience building interactive, responsive, database driven, web-based applications designed to work on all modern devices including tablets and mobile devices. Currently working as a UX/UI Designer/Developer on corporate applications. Served as Creative Director and Web Application Designer/Developer for growing companies in Melbourne, Florida, also a Project Lead/Liaison working hand in hand with clients from Kennedy Space Center/NASA on a web based video, real-time downlink project with AirScan. Accustomed to working one on one with customers, and being a member of a team. Served honorably in the U.S. Army and maintain a current TS Clearance.